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House System - CRPF Public School


GANGA HOUSE Motto : “savidyayavimuktey”     

GODAVARI HOUSE Motto : “sidhibhavatikarnmaja”


KAVERI HOUSE Motto : “aarohtamsojyotirikah”

KRISHNA HOUSE Motto : “karma kaushlampragyanam”

To inculcate the sense of responsibility to take one’s tasks and duties in life earnestly and discharge them to the best of one’s abilities the school has the House System. The House system aims to develop a sense of belongingness among students and caters a desire to live in harmony. The utmost aim is to inculcate among students personal, social and national values. The houses are named after the holy rivers of India, namely Ganga, Godavari, Kaveri and Krishna. In no other country the rivers are so much revered as in India. In fact, in our country these are equated to no less than a divine mother. Like the river which initiates in the form of a narrow stream and pioneers into a huge resource, gurgling with vigor, sustaining life and always progressing, our houses would evolve and develop to add potency to the school as a whole.



The river Ganga that is of a heavenly-descent; that washes all the sins away is the elixir of the country.

Colour- Blue- Blue is a universal color. The cool and calming blue brings peace and conveys importance and significance. It can be strong and steadfast or light and friendly. It is associated with intelligence, stability, unity and conservation.Following the footsteps of The River Ganga which is the life line of our country and a major resource, the house works towards the welfare of the school as a whole and always keeps service before self.

Like the river which decides its own path and gushes and rushes down to reach the sea, the contingents of Ganga House make wise decisions and work hard to achieve their goals.

The House is the abode of talent, innovation and novelty. It believes in marching ahead with strength and fervor leaving behind all the obstacles and overcoming all the stones that lay in the path of its progress.


Motto-“ sidhibhavatikarnmaja”

Colour- Orange- Orange symbolizes the vibrancy, exuberance and vitality of sun, the giver of life. Orange is the colour of fire, the fire in our bellies that propels us to give our best.

Godavari portends purity. Godavari House is named after the river Godavari. Godavari is also named Dakshini Ganga or Gautami after sage Gautam, who brought down Ganga to alleviate his sins. Godavari house patronizes virtue of determination, dedication and diligence. Patrons of this house can be distinguished from rest of the crowd with their innovative and sacramental ideas and their ability to put those ideas into action. Tranquility, purity and devotion define Godavari House.



Colour-Green-Green stands for prosperity and growth. Look up and maim high is what the house reckons for.

Kaveri according to mythology was a beautiful daughter of king Kaverna who was married to Muni Agastya on the condition that he would never leave her alone. But leave her he did, one day to teach his students and Kaveri, assuming something unfortunate had befallen him, jumped into a water tank to die. But she, didn’t die, she became a river, a river which today, though the smallest of the peninsular river yet it is considered the holiest and it serves a major life line to the people of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

The house takes pride and joy in facing the world with determination and strong will. Members of Kaveri house are saviors of purity and harmony and pledge to carry forward the ideals of fair play and team spirit.


Motto-“karma kaushlampragyanam”

Colour- Yellow-Yellow stands for hope and happiness. The colour relates to brightness, energy and symbolizes wisdom, intellect and love.

Krishna is the fourth largest river basin in the country. It originates from the Western Ghats. Legends believe that river Krishna is the manifestation of Lord Vishnu himself. Thus Lord Krishna is the ideal for the house-The slayer of the demons and a great teacher of mankind. The lord is usually depicted as playing flute indicating spread of the melody of love. Looking unto Lord Krishna the house is constant perseverance towards perfection in action and attainment of knowledge. Building an honest character and spreading the love for fellow students.

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