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Projects & Activities - CRPF Public School

Believing in comprehensive development of our students, the school encourages Project-Based learning. It integrates independent learning, critical thinking and research work, so that students become life-long learners. The school research based projects are an integral part of our curriculum.

Every year we attempt to celebrate Project Week for individual subjects, which is a part of the FA’s and is regularly evaluated. The teacher facilitates the different activities through guided learning, while the students are motivated to take responsibility for their own work.

The school also nurtures the talent and creativity of the students by providing opportunities to them, to display their innovative ideas. The annual exhibition is one such endeavour, where the students are able to apply their concepts and understanding in real life situations.

These projects and activities are an extension of the prescribed school curriculum to help the students get invaluable insights into their learning by hands on experience.

Project-Activities - Photo Gallery

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